Planning a Deck Installation Tacoma

When you’re considering getting a deck installed, there are many considerations you should keep in mind. Choosing the right materials is essential if you want your new structure to last a long time. Choose materials that are resistant to moisture, rot, and insects. Also, make sure that your contractor has insurance. Ask about their experience, references, and building codes. You’ll want to be sure that the person you’re hiring is licensed, bonded, and insured.

Next, determine the height of the deck. This can be done by measuring the height of the house above the grade line. For example, if the deck is to extend beyond the house, it should be at least two to four inches higher than the house’s floor. Next, use a string level to measure the height of the house at the desired height. The second corner stake should be level with the first stake. Once the heights of the deck and building are known, you can begin installing it.

Next, consider the size of your deck. Depending on the size of your deck, it may be possible to create multiple levels. This will give you many entry points. Another consideration is the location of your house. In general, a raised deck will have pillars or beams extending down to the footing. These pillars or beams will support the deck itself. Regardless of size, a deck installation requires planning and careful execution.

Finally, consider the material. Pressure-treated wood, for instance, is expensive. The cost of the posts and footers can run anywhere from $25 to $300. Bamboo is a cheaper option, but requires annual maintenance. Meanwhile, cedar is a great wood option, and comes in a variety of grades. It is easy to stain and seal. If you have no budget for a custom deck, then choose a platform deck instead.

When choosing railings, remember that they are a crucial part of your deck’s design. Most decks require railings, and they’re sold by the linear foot. You can choose the railing material that fits your deck, or purchase a ready-made one. Railings can vary in price, depending on their length, material, and manufacturer’s instructions. Finally, you should consider whether you’d like to add planter boxes, built-in benches, privacy screens, or pool surrounds.

Another factor to consider is location. Depending on the terrain, you may want to build your deck on an elevated area where you can enjoy views of nearby woods and hills. Also, consider the climate of your area. If you live in a colder climate, consider a location where the deck won’t be exposed to cold air. Likewise, if you live in a hotter climate, you should choose a location that receives the most shade.

Aside from the aesthetic benefits, a deck is a functional space for entertaining and relaxing. It is often the perfect spot for a barbecue or social gathering. You can even build built-in accessories such as TVs or stereo systems, so your deck will serve multiple purposes for you. If you don’t plan to entertain, it can still be a fun place to entertain guests. If you’re concerned about the weather, you can even add a shade canopy, umbrellas, or overhead pergolas. Whether you’re building a new deck or replacing an old one, make sure you’re prepared for all eventualities.

While it may sound easy, laying timber decking is a complicated process that can take years. When done correctly, however, timber can last for many years and be an excellent investment. It can be easy to screw or glue sleepers into place. However, it’s advisable to hire a professional who is licensed, insured, and can offer a warranty if necessary. Then, you can relax and enjoy your new deck for many years to come!

When hiring a contractor, you should ensure that the contractor uses only the best materials. Professional contractors can guide you through the various types of materials available and ensure that the finished product matches your vision. They can also provide you with suggestions that will help you select the best materials for your new deck. They’ll also make sure to consider the materials and other factors that make your deck the perfect place to relax. So, make sure you hire a professional deck builder if you’re unsure of what to choose.